Easy to grow! Croton Petras are a popular variety with their vibrant green leaves with red, orange, and yellow veins. They make a great addition to any room* epecially with their ability to filter out harmful VOCs!


Native to the tropical forests of southeast Asia and Oceania

Croton Petra, aka Garden Croton

Euphorbiaceae Family


Arrives in a 4" nursery pot if purchased on it's own. Visit our Pots Page to view and purchase pot options. Last photo pictured above is 4" Croton Petra in "SM Tall Terracotta Pot" (front) and Ponytail Palm in "SM Tall Terracotta Pot" (behind).


*Toxic- Keep away from animals and children.


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  • Needs bright, indirect light. Keep in an eastern, southern, or western window. If a croton is getting too little light, its newer leaves will be less colorful.