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This stunning houseplant is a personal favorite among many indoor plant enthusiats! Known for its eye-catching fiddle-shaped leaves and their ability to filter out harmful VOCs. 


Ficus Lyrata

Moraceae or Mulberry Family


Arrives in 4" or 6" nursery pot if purchased on it's own (4" plant photos coming soon). To add a cache pot, select your decorative pot of choice on our pots page. Please note that not all decorative pots work with all nursery pots. Pots shown here are ones that fit with this particular plant's nursery pot. Cache pots do not have drainage holes and therefore we recommend keeping your plant in its nursery pot, placed inside of the cache pot. If you would like a pot with drainage, see options at the bottom.


Cache pots that will fit with this 6" plant's nursery pot:


Pots listed below have drainage and 6" plants will be potted into them upon purchase.


  • Needs bright, filtered or indirect light. A few hours of direct morning light is good but protect from hot afternoon sun. Will rapidly deteriorate in dim lighting. Keep away from drafts and temps below 60 degrees.

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