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Small round leaves adorned with silver splash, this hoya is one of the cutest out there. Mature hoyas can be quite prolific and develop beautiful clusters of sweetly-scented star-shaped flowers. Mathilde is a cultivar of hoya carnosa and hoya serpens.


Botanical Name: Hoya cv 'Mathilde' (Hoya carnosa x serpens)

Common Name:  Hoya Mathilde, Wax Plant

Native to 

  • Apocynaceae family


Hoya Mathilde arrives in a 3" nursery pot if purchased on its own. Visit our Pots Page to view and purchase pot options. 


*This plant is not considered toxic. However, hoyas have sap that may trigger a reaction with folks that have latex allergies.


  • Thrives in bright indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun as leaves will burn. 

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