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Monstera Deliciosa is a plant-lovers' favorite! These plants can be pretty pricy as they grow and develop their fenestrations (leaf holes that eventually grow towards the edge and open up as they mature) but if you get them when they are young, not only are they affordable but you get the added benefit of watching them develop!


Native to Southern Mexico and Panama

  • Araceae, the aroid family


4" Monstera arrives in a 4" nursery pot if purchased on its own. Visit our Pots Page to view and purchase pot options. Last photo pictured above is Monstera Deliciosa in "SM Tall Terracotta Pot". This size will fit into any of the 4" pots.


6" Monstera arrives in a 6" nursery pot if purchased on its own.


*This plant is considered toxic.


  • Thrives in bright to medium indirect light. Not suited for intense, direct sun. Can tolerate low light but growth will be reduced.

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