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Blue-green silvery leaves. Prolific and easy to care for, this plant will produce long vines that look great hanging or flowing along bookshelves. Can also be trained up a trellis!


Mature Cebu Blue plants grow fenestrations and leaves will eventually split and grow quite large. Mature leaves tend to have more of a green tone to them rather than the juivinile blue-green leaves. Give your Cebu Blue a moss pole or piece of wood to climb on to encourage the fenestrated leaves to develop. 


Common Name: Cebu Blue, Pothos Cebu Blue

Scientific Name: Epipremnum Pinnatum


Araceae Family

Native to the Philippines


Arrives in a 4" nursery pot or 8" hanging basket if purchased on it's own. Visit our Pots Page to view and purchase pot options. 


*This plant is considered toxic to pets and humans.


  • Thrives in bright to medium indirect light. Not suited for hot direct sun as leaves can burn. Can tolerate some light morning direct sun.

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