Handmade, minimally designed terracotta planter trio from Brooklyn artist, Michiko Shimada. This terracotta trifecta is great for indoor plants that don't like their soil too wet or for people who tend to overwater. All pots in this set have drainage holes and saucers. Pots sold as a set of three.


Three pot sizes included:

Small  |  2.75”W x 2”H

Medium  |  3.75”W x 2.25”H

Large   |   4.25”W x 3”H


The small pot is well suited for 2" plants or newly rooted propagations.

The medium pot is well suited for all 2" and some small 4" plants.

The large pot is well suited for all 4" plants.

If you aren't sure and want help selecting plants for these pots; open a chat, email or give us a call. We will happily help you pick a plant perfect for your new pot!


Plese note: This set comes well packed in a beautiful box with the pots nested inside. If you are purchasing plants for these pots, your plants will not be planted into them and will arrive seperate.


Prices are for pots only. Plants are not a part of this listing. To purchase a plant, please visit our plant section